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Former Qwest DSL Joins Another Internet Giant In Offering Discounted Internet Service

Former Qwest DSL company CenturyLink yesterday announced a new internet service for low-income families in 37 states. The “Internet Basics” program will be offered a monthly fee starting at $9.95 and will provide customers with speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps, along with the option to obtain higher bandwidth at a discount. In addition, the company will be offering internet-ready netbook computers for $150 and computer training and education at no cost. If this sounds familiar, it is; over the last few months, another major internet company has been launching a program called Internet Essentials, which provides families in need with low cost internet service and discounted computers. Both programs are attempting to address the lack of internet, and ultimately the lack of an important tool for education and obtaining employment for a large number of Americans.

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