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A Look Inside The New Wireless TV Offering From ATT Uverse

You may have heard of the new wireless TV being offered by ATT Uverse. The revolutionary service allows for the set-up of multiple television sets in a home without the need for cable lines. But how does it work? The service works for both internet and TV with a central device called the Wireless Gateway. Made by Cisco, the gateway connects to a DVR receiver on the TV, and a personal computer by either Ethernet, USB or Wi-Fi. It also works for mass storage devices, network printers and cameras with Wi-Fi capability. The gateway is actually an intelligent wireless router, and you can connect it to any existing wireless router. You can also use the device as the sole router. Which method is chosen will depend on whether or not you have a lot of customized network applications. If you do and wish to keep your settings, using the gateway as your sole router is probably best.

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