U.S. ZTE Phone Gets Security Hole Confirmation

One model of the ZTE phone being sold in the United States has a vulnerability that could allow the remote control of the device. That’s the latest news from ZTE Corp, the world’s 4th place handset vendor. Already under scrutiny over security concerns, the security threat affects ZTE’s Score model, which runs on Google’s Android operating system. The threat was described as ‘highly unusual’ by one researcher, while the co-founder of CrowdStrike stated that he had never seen anything similar. The threat, initially reported anonymously on Pastebin, is a backdoor which many are saying is alarmingly blatant, causing questions about the quality of both the manufacturing and testing of the device. Some are saying the vulnerability affects more than one ZTE model of phone, but the company says that the Score is the only phone affected, and released a statement announcing that a security patch is being worked on and will be sent to users shortly.

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